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Naming ceremonies

A naming ceremony is a non-religious celebration of the arrival of a new child.

It is a way of welcoming a child or children into the world and officially introducing him/her to close friends and family.

Parents have the opportunity to involve the important people in their child’s life in the ceremony, members of the family, other children and even special friends.

The ceremony can include readings, special poems or quotes, lighting of candles, release of birds or balloons, planting of trees, signing of a welcome book or signature bear, or the issuing of certificates to record the occasion. Guests can be invited to bring an item to place in a special time capsule to be presented when the child becomes an adult.

Your child’s naming ceremony can be a unique event to include the things that are important to you.

Although a naming ceremony doesn’t hold any legal standing, it is a wonderful way to welcome your child and have your friends and family celebrate the start of your child’s life journey.

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